Our Mission

KICK STOPS is a company devoted to reducing freight transit damages, increasing efficiency in the supply chain and minimizing dunnage disposal. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, our employees and our environment focusing on sustainability. We aim to become a household name, logistically speaking, while promoting our face to face customer service and maintaining our human kindness. We keep your freight secure one KICK at a time. 

Our Story

We’ve built the most simplistic and effective cargo restraint device on the market today.

It all began when one of our customers shared his constant aggravation and headache with receiving damaged merchandise. After further conversation, we knew our design and fabrication team could help. We began working hand-in-hand with our partners to design, develop and test this new idea. The result? The KICK STOPS cargo restraint device.

Our product was designed specifically for enclosed trailers, rail and ocean containers to effectively minimize pallet movement, reduce loading and unloading times and promote operator safety. Crafted from high-grade steel and precision formed for complete durability, we created THE most cost-effective and user-friendly solution the industry needs. 

Paul Preston initiated the concept for a cargo restraint device in April of 2016. In June, with assistance of his partner Brian Solomon, the KICK STOPS cargo restraint device was finalized and together they co-founded CDCE Engineered Solutions.

Paul has an extensive background in engineering, 30 years in the steel industry and an expertise in materials, sales and consulting. Brian has over 30 years experience in operations, specializing in the ruggedized wireless computing arena and has become the project coordinator for many of their client integrations.

Together, they identified a problem, conceptualized a solution and worked diligently with their engineering team to fabricate the first KICK STOPS cargo restraint device. 

3rd Party Testing

The recorded amplifications from the accelerometer on the pallet ranged from 6.5G’s to 26.7G’s. The KICK STOPS cargo restraint devices tested to restrain the pallet movement of 4,008 lbs at sled impact velocity of 1.8 feet per second. 

*Our KICK STOPS devices are approved as additional securement by the AAR.

Our Belief

The KICK STOPS team believes not only in our growth, but the growth of future generations. Our focus is to eliminate bulky dunnage and transform each end-of-life device into future value. 

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