The most cost-effective, time saving and sustainable freight securement device.

Wood Floor Device

The KICK STOPS wood floor device works to secure pallets inside enclosed trailers, ocean containers, and intermodal transfers by eliminating pallet movement. Not allowing pallet movement prevents shifting, toppling, and damages. 

Cargo Restraint Device for Wood Floors
Cargo Restraint Device for Wood Floors

Metal Floor Device

The KICK STOPS metal floor device locks into the hat channel of the trailer floor. When the entire system is loaded tight and secured with the device, the product does not move and freight stays unitized. 

A dramatic reduction of inbound damages have been noted on all distribution center moves and most importantly, on the long intermodal lane from Greenville, SC to Redlands, CA due to KICK STOPS securement of the freight.
In addition to being more effective than other load securement methods, KICK STOPS is saving money in supplies and warehouse labor. KICK STOPS are a fraction of the airbags and Logistick costs and to apply them at the distribution centers takes significantly less time. In over 30 years of being in distribution center environments, we have not seen any freight provider or dunnage supplier actually come into the facility and watch how loading is actually being performed and offer genuine continuous improvements on loading techniques. I was very impressed with offering alternate methods of pallet placement in the trailers to further stabilize the freight.

Tony LaRicci

Colgate-Palmolive National DC Manager, North America


Secure Freight

  • Eliminates pallet movement
  • Decreases damage, shifting/toppling, and reject loads
  • Works with all wood and plastic shipping materials

Save Time

  • Drastically reduces load/unload times
  • Only installed on tail end pallets
  • No tools needed 
  • No additional securement needed

Save Money

  • Eliminates expensive dunnage, storage and disposal
  • Decreases labor costs

Go green with KICK STOPS

KICK STOPS are a sustainable device that takes the place of other dunnage to secure pallets and products in an environmentally conscious manner. 

KickStops helps you secure cargo, save time, money, and go green


KickStops Place Cargo Restraint


The upper face of the KICK STOPS device MUST be parallel to the side of the pallet for installation. 

KickStops Kick Cargo Restraint


Once device has been placed correctly against pallet, firmly KICK into the angle of the device to pin the teeth into the pallet and wood floor of vehicle.


We customize and create load patterns specifically designed for your shipments.